About Us

The practice of meditation is the only technique of Yoga in the higher path, the only way to perceive the spirit of man, the only door to consciously access that essence, that which in you is the seed of everything.

To meditate is to directly perceive the Truth. Truth is the only thing in us that is permanent, that does not change, that exists before birth and endures after death, and to differentiate it from the rest we must use the tools at our disposal. In the personality itself we can find these tools, and of them the intellect or reason is the highest.

In the work of meditation we must be very careful, we must do so in a serious, quiet and well oriented. We know that the mind should not be trusted, however, at one stage of the path is the only instrument we have to approach that which we call Essence or Truth.

How, then, can we use mind? Reasoning with it, and for that we need hypotheses or premises that we will take as truth, and then we will apply the scientific method, that is, to prove that the results, and always according to our experience, show us if the hypotheses are really true or not. The hypotheses that we will take to reveal the Essence of the rest are the following:

  • Non-Truth is something that is constantly changing.
  • Truth is that which does not change, which is always, which is permanent.

If we apply these premises to the physical body we will see that it is evident that it does change; therefore the physical body is non-Truth. If you observe your emotions: fear, affection, affection, jealousy, rage, anger, envy… You discover that emotions also change, they are non-true.

If you go deeper into personality you find yourself with thoughts. To see if they change or not, we can remember and remember what you thought about your parents at the age of seven, eighteen, twenty-two…

Remember what you thought about the future when you were a child, when you were eighteen…. And now, today, what thoughts do you have? where are all those thoughts from before? they are not the same anymore, they have also changed, therefore they are not true.

If the physical body, the emotions and the mind form the personality, and all three are non-Truth, it follows that the personality is also non-Truth.

To find the Truth you must continue to observe beyond the mind and discover what is that in you that never changes. In this search you will discover a presence that has been there all along, in all stages of your life, and that through meditation you can identify that all this has happened to you. That presence has always remained the same while all aspects of the personality have changed.

“I am always me; I have never been another. There is something about you that you call “I” and that you do because you have always been present realizing what you do, feel, think, where you are, the relationship you are establishing with others; each and every moment of your life.

That is the object of meditation: to perceive the inner witness. The question is how to become aware of that which you realize. The answer is: with the same thing that you realize. The objective of your life is to find what you really are, the Truth of yourself, that which when everything changes continues to be and we call it the Self: that which is by itself.