Self-healing experience in Reiki

Self-healing experience in Reiki

When I started writing about Reiki on my blog, I wondered what the reader was looking for in such topics. The easiest way to answer this question is to ask it to yourself. And I realized that the most interesting and valuable thing in the information is the author’s personal understanding of the topic and his personal experience.

There is a lot of information about the essence of Reiki’s energy, about the mechanism of the healing process on the Internet. I will not repeat myself, I will write about my personal healing experience with Reiki.

Reiki stage

When a beginner healer Reiki goes through his or her first initiation (1st step), a three-week self-healing course becomes a requirement for further effective practice.

This is natural and reasonable – the healer should be as harmonious and healthy as possible. Though, you understand that there is no strict requirement and healers, first of all ordinary people and can have the difficulties with health and personal space.

This does not necessarily reduce the effectiveness of healing sessions, because remember, Reiki is the universal energy of the universe, the energy of the Creator. Self-healing in Reiki, I think. it’s a unique opportunity to learn and get to know healing from the inside

How does this happen? The healer has a full contact session with himself for three weeks every day. It’s the same “overlapping hands” session that is filled with Reiki’s flow in certain positions on the body as it is when working with a patient who is simply adapted to the possibilities of self-healing.

Essentially, the positions of the arms are “traversed” through the main chakras and biologically active points of the thin body, and through them, the Reiki flow is first distributed over the thin, then over the physical body.

I did not pursue the goal of healing that which was certain in my body, and, to confess, it was not necessary! Usually other healers do not pursue a specific goal – Reiki finds the areas of our existence, which are worth “tightening”.

After all, Reiki works at all levels and the physical one is only one of the layers. In my case, Reiki “came out” on psychological, I would even say, karmic problems. But not at onceā€¦ It took about a month and a half to find out how the “result” turned out.

The result of hand work

As for the result, it is a philosophical theme in Reiki, and therefore it is not necessary to approach it from a worldly point of view. You set yourself the task of achieving something with the help of Reiki, but in the end you realize that your experience of working with energy has led you to something else, but it turns out that it is more necessary!

So I started my sessions. It was in 2006. Usually in the mornings or before bedtime, I would create the right environment – a lit candle, an album of Reiki’s music that was most relevant in the shower. At first, there was no particular difference between the sessions my Master and mine – the same rapid relaxation, getting into a light meditative state, fever and vibration in the palms and in some places on the body.

Towards the end of the first week, I began to notice that from session to session the “activity” of energy perception by some areas of the body, and therefore by my chakras, changes. From the heart center, Reiki “shifted” his power of influence on the solar plexus, then came the turn of the throat chakra and the “third eye”. Then the “focus of attention” was kept for some time on the lower chakras alternately.

With each session, the subtle sensations were manifested more and more strongly – full and unconditional entry into the life-giving and nourishing stream of universal energy.

There is a lot of information at the moment that in ancient times people were connected to such a stream and lived in bliss, but then, in the process of the evolution of the Soul, lost this quality – what is not a fairy tale about the lost Paradise?

It was felt as waves of bliss enveloping the body and soul, which were accompanied by a state of joy of being. Otherwise, I can’t determine this experience! And it’s evidence of a very powerful connection to the Reiki stream.

And it was accompanied by a series of visions and images that seemed to me to be a memory of past lives and even a vision of my future!

Energy cleaning

In the third week, when Reiki was scanning the root chakra, Muladhara, I suddenly felt my entire spine, or rather the space of my spine, being pulsed like an electric current! From the root chakra to the seventh cervical vertebra, with a very clear pulsating rhythm.

Discussing this “phenomenon” with my Teacher, we came to the conclusion that Reiki, having worked by filling each chakra center with energy, allowed my energy channel to earn its full potential. This is the mythical sleeping Kundalini snake that Reiki woke up, forcing him to “straighten up” the entire spine.

Of course, it couldn’t help but make me happy! After all, this is evidence of a real recovery of my energy. I understand that this achievement was preceded by a long path of spiritual work, which greatly contributed to these results.

Conclusions about Reiki

Now I know there are at least a few reasons for going to Reiki, and this is essentially a multi-dimensional path. One of them is the experience of self-healing. Perhaps no one else could have done this for me but myself.

And, believe me, I am now free from pride, I simply state a fact that many healers agree with. We are all in the Master’s potential and we have opportunities to make a breakthrough in the development of our own forces.

This way of healing does not detract from the help of others, but it can become a guarantee of our confidence in our own abilities. The key to trusting our unique nature and the sense of unity with the outside world. After all, the external reflects the inner. By accepting this truth, we can become One!

P.S. In the second stage of Reiki, the arsenal of possibilities increases and symbols and combinations of Reiki symbols are already used. Ability to work without contact and remotely!

Christopher D. Myles