Where can I get good treatment in China?

Where can I get good treatment in China?

Whether you love China or not, you know this country anyway, but you don’t fully understand it. As, however, any of us. The Chinese have built an amazing civilization in the sense that all their innovations and modern technologies are based on deep ancient knowledge.

All those unique results in the work with the human body, which European scientists now come to with the help of the latest scientific achievements, were present in the arsenal of Chinese healers many hundreds of years ago…

The Chinese land belongs to its inhabitants for more than three thousand years, and it is one of the largest countries on the planet (the third largest by area).

The large size of the country provides a variety of climatic zones: in the northern part of the country and in the high-mountainous western part – hot summers and severe winters, in the central part of the country – subtropical climate, and tropical monsoon on the islands and the southern coast.

That, in turn, causes an incredible variety of resort offers. One of the most popular – recovery services, to put it simply – go to China for treatment!

Here you will be offered the most modern achievements of classical medicine, but tourists are more interested in the techniques of traditional Chinese medicine, which is more than 2000 years old. Today it is one of the most recognized and effective folk practices.

The main difference between traditional Chinese medicine is the search for the true, original cause of the disease. The main task of the Chinese healer is to determine where the balance in the body has been disturbed, the restoration of which will lead to the recovery and disposal of all symptoms of the disease.

Traditional Chinese medicine is based on a philosophy in which man is a special system similar to our universe. Thus, the “universe” of our body is controlled by its life centers – “Heart” (“Mind”), “Lungs”, “Liver”, “Spleen” and “Kidneys”.

  • “Heart” is the center of consciousness,
  • “Lungs” is the center of balance in the body,
  • “Liver is the center of emotion and regulation of internal organs,
  • “Spleen is the center responsible for metabolism and distribution of nutrients in the body,
  • “Kidneys” is a center of “reserve”, responsible for the vitality of the body and the proper level of all nutrients.

This perception of the human body changes the object of treatment – in Chinese medicine it is not a disease, but a person who is a part of the universe. This synthesis explains the benefits of everything natural to man. However, you should not be afraid that in the Chinese medical center you will be given only herbal infusions and strange massage courses.

China is a country that recognizes its ancient medical knowledge at the highest state level, synthesizing them with the latest achievements of the world medical science, so all medical centers and sanatoriums are properly equipped, and along with herbal treatment Chinese doctors use modern synthetic drugs, taking into account the true state of health of the patient.

Traditional Chinese medicine today uses such methods of treatment as herbal medicine, acupuncture, cauterization, massage, breathing exercises, aromatherapy, mud treatment, wraps and therapeutic baths. You can get acquainted with all of them in a complex in sanatoriums and medical centers.

The most popular among our compatriots medical center “Shengu”, medical center “Golden Stone”, health center “Horizon”, international health center “Lotus”, located in Dalian, “Garden of Longevity” in Hainan and a special place in the list of health offers in China are mineral springs resort “Udalyanchi”.

The Shengu Medical Center is located in the center of Dalian. Traditional Chinese medicine is supported by the most modern diagnostic equipment (e.g. color ultrasound).

The center’s specialists have achieved the greatest results in the treatment of pelvic organs and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, but, of course, it is possible to apply here with any problem – the list of services is very wide.

Despite the fact that the medical center “Golden Stone” is located at a considerable distance from the city, and the infrastructure of the resort is still at an embryonic level of development, the technical equipment of the center – one of the best in China, which allows you to conduct the most complex operations here.

People come here to be treated, not to have a rest. Medical offers of the “Golden Stone” are amazingly diverse – there is even a fully equipped gym for patients with any kind of disorders of the musculoskeletal system, the strongest ENT department and a serious program for recovery from cancer.

Christopher D. Myles