Why and who needs meditation?

Most of the people who have tried meditation do not understand why they need it or whether they need to do it at all. I am not an opponent of meditation, I just want to share with you my opinion and practical experience on this issue. I am sure that there are no inventions on our planet that are unnecessary, just their application and not everything that people have invented should be applied to every person.

Where do you think meditation came from? Of course, it came from the East. We know that in Eastern countries such as India, China (Tibet), Japan has long been practicing meditation.

Where do you think management, self-discipline, and planning were born? I think these three great human inventions were born in the East earlier than anywhere else on Earth and were practiced there thousands of years earlier than in the Slavic world.

  • Have you tried planning your day?
  • Have you tried planning any projects?
  • Have you tried to live at least six months implementing, performing tasks from morning to evening with great enthusiasm and desire, every day trying to do as much as possible and as best as possible?

If your answers are positive to all 3 questions, then you could benefit from meditation and make your actions much more effective and productive.

If you think that living according to the plan is stupid, planning is not for you, living according to the plan is boring, and so on, then you need to meditate.

Returning to those who have tried to live according to the plan and continue to do so regularly, I want to ask you a few questions that will help you understand that you need meditation.

  • Have you noticed that you’re turning into a robot?
  • Have you noticed that by doing something every day and strikethrough the points that you have done is very stupid?
  • Have you noticed that if from morning to night you do it, do it and do it day by day, for six months and longer, you are not only turning into a robot, you are dumb and your head is bypassed by good ideas – you just stopped seeing the obvious?

That is, the picture resembles a man who is in a hurry to cut down trees with a blunt axe as much as possible, and with each blow his axe becomes even dumber, the process of felling is more difficult, requires more effort with a constantly dull axe. Tell him to sharpen the axe and rest a little bit.

But a man falls from powerlessness, then gets up and cuts again until he falls, and so again and again. And he has no time to rest and sharpen an axe.
It seems to him that he is very persistent and it is difficult to disagree with it. But in this case, he turned his insistence against himself, it is obvious, but not for him.

You just need to rest regularly, analyze your actions and think that you can improve how to act more effectively and so on.

So this is exactly what meditation is for, to reboot the brain, to rest, and at this time for some reason your head is visited by the most brilliant decisions, smart ideas and just good thoughts, which are just as obvious, but for some reason you have not noticed them before. During this time, you are filled with new energy, enthusiasm, clever solutions, ideas and optimism.

Those who have read smart books, from smart and successful people, remember that a good plan necessarily includes a rest, it is necessary to allocate time for nothing to do.

Because at this time your head is being visited by clever thoughts, genius solutions to dead-end problems, at this time you are filled with enthusiasm and optimism. And instead of cutting down trees with a blunt axe that you don’t have time to sharpen, you come up with the idea of sharpening it regularly, and maybe even using a chainsaw or electric saw.

The ancient people in the east were able to plan their business like no one else in their time. They wanted to make their business as good and efficient as possible.

Then they realized that it is necessary to distribute work and rest optimally, and then they began to learn to work more effectively and to rest more effectively.
Meditation is in fact an advanced form of idleness with maximum efficiency in a short period of time.

What is meditation and how is it different from imitation?

As I have already said, meditation is an advanced form of idleness with maximum precision in a short time.

If you have read carefully above, then you understand me well. And now I will explain a little bit more about what I mean.

People who are committed to their goal and live for it change their lives so that each action brings them closer to achieving their goal. That’s why there is a very deep meaning to rest, and you can rest in different ways. But people who are committed to their goal and rest for a reason, but to be closer to the goal.

And in order to be closer to the goal it is necessary to rest so that the way to the goal became closer and easier, and the person after the rest became better and more effective. The rest itself, of course, can not last forever, and if it can be made shorter, it is made shorter. As short as you can to restore strength, energy, enthusiasm and new ideas.

If you were interested in meditation not in Google, where most of the articles are written by students trying to publish everything in a row on their hand*optical sites, trying to sell flashing ads next to the article and earn money for ice cream, then you probably explained everything I wrote above.

Beginning meditators begin to meditate in any convenient position, not on a twine, not in a pose of a lotus, not fastening hands in knots and not throwing legs behind ears.

To start meditating you just need to relax and take a pose that will help you do it. For example, lie down, or sit on the sofa, so that you are completely relaxed, so that you are not pressured or uncomfortable anywhere. And only after that do the next steps of meditation go.

Music and surroundings are chosen accordingly in order to relax the person, to improve the mood and well-being. That is, the place of meditation can be anywhere, but it is better if it is a pleasant and comfortable place for you. And it is not necessary to look for the nearest rock to push your ass to the rocks.

The main task is to relax and distract from the outside world, the best way to do it is to do it when there is no rumble of screams and so on, but for advanced meditators rumble and scream – it’s not a problem, although in such places to meditate anyone
of them doesn’t want to.

And by the way, meditation (meditatio) in literal translation from Latin is meditation, not tying one’s legs and hands into knots.