What are Reiki Certification Requirements?

What are Reiki Certification Requirements?

Reiki can only be channeled by a certified Reiki teacher through multiple attunement sessions. There are typically 3 levels to some point 4 that can be attained, all centered to the attunement process, combined with practice and education.

The attunement process is what makes Reiki so unique to other forms of energy healing. This ceremony is referred to as Reiju in Japanese and is performed by a Reiki master. The master does this by opening the student’s main energy channels allowing the universal energy to flow more freely. The attunement process does what Reiki therapy should do, and that is the clearing of blockages.

Reiki Attunement Process

Attunement increases the ki-holding capacity and clears energy blocks. The attunements open an avenue for the flow of the energy from the practitioner to the student. Although there are other therapies that use the hands-on position for energy healing, only Reiki has the benefits of the attunement process. This is why you need to experience it and not just read about it to feel its power. 

Colour of chakra

The 3 Stages of Reiki

Level 1

This is the first level to the initiations of the Reiki therapy and is open to everyone. Here, energy channels are opened, allowing the teacher to connect to the universal life force energy. This energy is believed to flow from the cosmos, through the student’s crown, and down to the rest of the body. Practitioners say that this level encourages students to focus more on practicing Reiki by themselves. After level one’s attunement, many students report a tingling or coolness feeling or heat. This first course also involves the study of the history of Reiki.

Before attending this first class, several requirements must be met before your certification. In the first 48 hours before attendance, you must keep off alcohol consumption and red meat. You will have to complete a full day course, at least 2 reiki practice sessions and 21 days of self-healing.

Level 2

This level focuses on practicing Reiki on others and gaining expanded energy channels. Here, you will receive the symbols and level 2 attunement. The symbols should help you to connect deeper with the universal energy. It means the ability to offer distance healing and sending the Reiki energies to people wherever they are. The energy received in this level can also be used to clear blockages across time and physical locations. You can read more about the Karuna Reiki attunement process here.

Because the attunement is stronger here, masters recommend that students take about a month to get training in level 2 after graduating from level 1. Level 2 puts a lot of emphasis on the Heart Chakra, involves practicing of symbols, and invokes their qualities. To achieve certification, at least 2 Reiki healing sessions must be involved, and 21 days of self-healing must be completed.

Level 3

In this level, the students are almost at the same level as the Master. However, the difference between receiving the power to be a master and being in the level of a master is different. This is considered the teacher’s level. Level 3 students can attune new Reiki practitioners. Getting to this level shows a deep commitment to the practice. Because it is taught in different ways, it is important that you meditate on the path you want to take. Take enough time to select a master path. Certification can only be offered after successful completion of the first and the second levels.

Level 4

If you are ready to grow the community of Reiki practitioners, you can choose to join the fourth level. To get here, you must complete all the other 3 levels. This final level is taught on a one-on-one schedule for about 12 hours each day. Here, you learn how to give attunements and review the foundations of this practice. Before certification, at least 2 teaching demos will be needed and 2 Reiki healing sessions. This level is only offered upon request.

Healing through hand contact

What are the possibilities of a Reiki Master?

With the energies involved in Reiki, being a master may be an ongoing process that needs continuous personal growth. The use of the master symbol and the attunement allows the master to reach limitless potential. Not only does Reiki energy give the potential to heal, but it also carries peace, joy, compassion, abundance, love, and more. These are qualities students pick up during training.

Shinpiden is the Japanese name of the master level, meaning Mystery Teaching. It can be attributed to the love of God, power, and wisdom. It is considered a mystery because God does not have boundaries, and his attributes are beauty, grace, and wonder that extends further than you can imagine. No matter how learned you become, you can never understand these wonders.

Reiki can help you make its healing powers more beneficial and can guide you to other healing techniques that can be used in combination with it. With Reiki, you make improved decisions, and that makes it easy to decide what you want in life. Click here to find out more about how you can get started with learning Reiki healing

Getting Certification

Reiki courses are open for people interested in learning more about Reiki practice. It is a full course of details about the utilization of the principles of Reiki for different healing purposes. This ancient form of holistic healing works through the stimulation of the natural healing abilities. Course materials are available online. Use them to study at your pace. Upon the completion of the course, you may be required to pass multiple-choice questioned exams and then awarded the certification. The different courses offer students a complete overview of the ancient Reiki art of healing.

Advantages of a Reiki Course

If you work towards earning a reiki course certification online, there are several ways you are likely to benefit.  They may include:

  • Study at a comfortable pace. You can complete the course in weeks or months
  • Study at any time and anywhere
  • Study from any device
  • Easy to manage course modules

The above levels offer a general organization of the progression of the Reiki technique. Because the courses are taught in varying methods, be sure to research and identify the format and the instructor right for you. Reiki energy attunement is permanent. Because it is about balancing energy, you might want to drink extra water throughout the course.