About Us

Are you struggling to keep things normal, to feel more centered, access your own healing wisdom, and find peace? The Reiki healing art can help you through each of these situations. Whether you are fighting battles with unresolved emotional scars, deep rooted traumas, pain, chronic illness, stress, or depression, the effect is the same: You can’t accept the outcome.


When difficulties strike, there is the physical part – how to cope with the fractured routine. And there is the internal part – the fear that comes with career collapse or a chronic illness. If you have tried every trick to try and get your life back in order and still fail, you might want to try the healing touch of Reiki.


Our goal at One Reiki is to help individuals seeking alternatives to heal their lives and support their personal growth. Because Reiki is a powerful healing force, we bring our conviction and knowledge to help you learn and heal. It is a casual technique that works on the root of the problem and not just treat the symptoms. Because it endorses stress reduction and deep relaxation, we will show you how it controls your mental, emotional, and physical being.


Getting healing from this technique does not have to feel like a struggle. With our guidance, it will come naturally. Stick around to learn the best techniques for each unique problem, how to prepare your mind and body, and the right way to trigger your body’s natural system.   


If you have found yourself struggling with a life crisis, you are in the right place. You can use our years of experience to boost your energy level and lead a happy life. We offer Reiki therapy information that would help you relax, by aiding in the release of mental blockages, unresolved emotions, and insomnia, and many others.


Read through our blog posts to learn more about Reiki Healing, why you need it, and how to do it. You will also gain a deeper understanding of the 3 degrees of Reiki. Our blog delves deeper into the practice and the theory behind Reiki teachings. We offer straightforward information about Reiki practice, papers published in peer-review medical journals, how it is being used in conventional healthcare, and personal stories about how the technique has benefited a range of people. Be sure to subscribe to our website for upcoming newsletters. Our primary goal is to offer impeccable Reiki energy healing information that will help you gain clarity. For any concerns, feel free to contact us.