How Does Reiki Healing with Crystals Work?

How Does Reiki Healing with Crystals Work?

Reiki is a Japanese relaxation technique used to promote healing. Healing is done through the laying on hands, with the belief that unseen “life force energy “flows through all living things. When these energies are low, you may feel stressed or weak. Crystal Reiki treatment is often used to amplify the healing power. Reiki healing dates back to the 1890s after the rediscovery of Reiki by Mikao Usui. Since the early 2000’s Reiki courses have been made available in many colleges and also offered by Reiki masters with a special focus on the crystals. 

The Meaning of Reiki Crystals

Crystal Reiki can be defined as the use of crystals in combination with healing energies to stimulate self-healing mechanisms of the body, spirit, and mind. Through this treatment, the patient then receives universal energy believed to restore health.

Some crystals are said to align with our chakras and can promote healing of diseases in certain parts of the body. You can place these crystals around you, place them on your body, or wear them to harness the healing power. Read here to find out how Reiki healing stones also play a part in unblocking your chakra.

Below, find the top 7 crystals that can lead you to a happier life, and what each means:

1. Ametrine

This is a symbol of optimism. It is attributed to the high energy that balances tension, emotional blockage, and stress for harmony. It is known to connect the physical body with higher consciousness and draws great focus to meditation. This crystal helps with long-standing illnesses, including depression and stress-related ailments.

2. Amethyst

Also known as traveler’s stone for extra protection while you are on the road, this crystal symbolizes higher intuition and calmness.  Amethyst is available in various shades of lilac, vibrant purple, to light violet. It brings out inner peace and strength and is often used during meditation because of its calm and peaceful energy. When there is confusion in mind, it can be used to relieve anxiety and stress. This crystal can also be used to reduce insomnia, stress, ease headaches, calm the mind, cleanse organs, and reduce swelling and bruising.

3. Aventurine

This attracts relationships that last, true friendship, and love. Its green form is referred to as the luck stone, known to attract fortune. It is great at boosting confidence and optimizes growth. It is used to heal emotional and heart problems. Use this stone to correct your sleeping disorders, regulate your blood pressure, or boost your immunity.

4. Rose Quartz

This crystal symbolizes harmony and love. It produces vibrations of peace, love, and harmony, encouraging you to forgive yourself and others. This is the best crystal to use for emotional trauma, relationship problems, and other emotional issues. You can keep this stone in your home, workplace, or any other place where you need a harmonious atmosphere. It can be used to increase fertility, strengthen the heart, and aid in respiratory problems.

5. Black Tourmaline

This is a supportive symbol that supports us from negative energy, depression, tension, and other negative external forces. It illuminates the body and promotes individuality, patience, the peace of mind, and inner wisdom. This crystal can be used to strengthen the immune system, offer pain relief, and get rid of insomnia. Place this crystal in your environment to protect you from negative vibrations. You can also wear it to absorb the negative energy or write down your wishes and place the piece of paper under the crystal.

6. Citrine

This symbolizes cleansing and revitalizing offering courage, happiness, and hope. It is yellowish, and many love it for its beauty and strong healing properties. If you need more abundance in life, this is the stone to use. It attracts new opportunities and eliminates financial blockage. It is said to contain the sun’s energy, and can thus boost your self-esteem, creativity, and expression.  Put this Reiki crystal in your pocket for aura protection or place it at the four corners of your room. Because it is also excellent at promoting weight loss, place it above the navel for about 20 minutes each day as you visualize your goals.

7. Clear Quartz

This Reiki crystal is also referred to as the master healer and can be used for anything. It is a clear crystal that heals mental, physical, and emotional problems. It clears all negativity and offers clarity in reasoning and awareness. It is excellent for healing burns, stimulating the immune system, activating the pituitary glands, and balancing emotions.

8. Carnelian

This healing crystal symbolizes joy and warmth. Keeping it close to your body can promote feelings of inspiration, motivation, and confidence. Its characteristics attune with your inner self, opening the heart for joy and fulfillment. It gives you the courage to make the right choices in life. Carnelian is also excellent at aiding tissue regeneration, stimulating the metabolism, boosting blood quality, and improving the functioning of the pancreas, lungs, kidneys, and the liver.

Crystals lined up on a mat

How to Choose and Care for the Crystals

Choosing the right healing crystal is highly dependent on intuition. Begin by selecting a few of them and create space where you will be storing them. Once you begin choosing them for healing purposes or ritual, let your heart guide you. After deciding on the type you want, close your eyes, and pick.

Given that these healing crystals connect you with your energy frequencies, it is necessary that you cleanse them first with clear running water. If what you choose is too fragile with the risk of disintegrating in water, make use of direct sunlight. To ensure the frequencies begin resonating with the crystal, place it close to where you are. Build a relationship with it by turning it in varying lights.

Because your body contains energy, your intellectual understanding of the Reiki crystal is not required for it to work. Remember to give sufficient proximity because invisible energy frequencies are involved.

All these types and more are used during a Reiki session. Some assist the Reiki practitioner in their field while others are used on the client. Reiki healing crystals are natural energy carriers that can be used to boost confidence or expand a spiritual practice. Their ability goes beyond their physical beauty, and it is up to you to harness its energy to boost your own.

Christopher D. Myles