How to Learn Reiki Healing

How to Learn Reiki Healing

Reiki can be easily practiced and learned by anyone who is interested regardless of the state of health or age. The ability to learn this form of healing is not dependent on intellectual capacity. It does not also require you to be good at meditation. The top hallmark of this practice is its simplicity. You can learn it within 10 hours of training.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese healing technique used to reduce stress and help an individual relax. It involves laying of hands based on the belief that an invisible force flows through humans, causing them to stay alive. When the life force energy is low, an individual is then likely to feel unwell or stressed. When it is high, the individual is more likely to stay healthy and happy. Read more about the benefits of Reiki here. 

Reiki is composed of 2 words, including Rei and Ki. Rei means higher power or God’s Wisdom, while Ki means life force energy. It means that this form of healing is spiritually guided. During the practice, an individual is more likely to feel a wonderful glow of radiance in their bodies or around them. It is used to treat the mind, the body, the emotions, and the spirit to give rise to beneficial effects such as feelings of peace, relaxation, and security.

woman feeling attuned with herself and the universe

Why would it be Important to Learn Reiki?

Whether you receive Reiki from a friend or a professional, there are many good reasons why you should consider practicing it. The top reason is self-care. Self-care is an important aspect for people with health challenges and those who need more balance in life. A routine practice allows you to reduce stress, reconnect with the feeling of well-being, and restore balance. You also benefit from the relief of chronic conditions, including asthma, depression, and diabetes, among others.

How can you Learn Reiki?

The best way to learn Reiki healing is through a Reiki master. You can check complementary therapies from local massage or shiatsu practitioners. You could also check online, from bulletin boards in food health stores or yoga studios. Because this form of healing is used to help people with chronic conditions such as HIV, cancer, among others cope, local organizations could have a list of community resources.

Because Reiki is not a standardized practice, you are not guaranteed that everyone with the title “master” has the experience or training. For this reason, get to know their background. Most credible masters have a website describing their experience, classes, and training. 

What are the Steps to Reiki Healing?

Step 1: Receiving Energy

The energy within must be activated before starting this practice. You only need to shut your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Imagine the top of your head opening and streams of healing flowing in and penetrating your heart, arms, feet, and the whole of your body. If there is any part that needs healing, ask for more filling there. As this stream of energy continues to flow, keep taking in breaths and envisioning healing.

Step 2: Energy Sealing

After receiving the energy, remember to offer gratitude and close the streams of energy in once the session is completed. Simply step back from where you stand and wipe off the excess energy left in your hands. End with a prayer.

What are the 3 Degrees of Reiki?

Regardless of spiritual or religious beliefs, anyone can receive Reiki training. Each degree is structured at the initial learning stages.

First Degree

This is a gentle, yet life-changing class of introduction taught within 8-12 hours. Here, you get to learn how to self-heal. Hand placements to use when sharing Reiki with friends or family are taught at this stage. Students are taught energy exercise, which they should practice daily. Chakras, which are the energy centers of the body, are introduced, and their significance in this practice, is taught. Because this is the stage at which healing begins, many positive changes are felt at this level. It is at this stage where the history and the precepts of Reiki are given.

Second Degree

During this stage, the vibration of energy is raised to a higher level. At this level, students are taught how to feel the differences in energy, giving them the power to scan a person’s body before treatment. Here, students are introduced to symbols and encouraged to use them for their intention to heal. It is at this level where distance healing is also taught. Students are encouraged to use it to boost their lives and those occupying the planet. At this stage, students are taught the importance of confidentiality and integrity. They are taught how to use empathy and listening skills on their clients.

Third Degree

This is the degree that allows students to become masters in practice. It is often taught in 2 parts. In the first part, the students are taught how to become masters while in the second part, they learn how to become teachers. Here, their energy vibrations are raised. They are also introduced to the master symbols which they can use while treating others. As a practice, meditation is also taught at this level.

Group of people practicing Reiki

Signs you may be ready to Practice Reiki

1. You love yourself and appreciate other people: If you possess a willingness to heal yourself and have a desire to rejuvenate this to others, you might be ready. If you feel rejuvenated to change the planet and help future generations, it might be time to start your practice.

2. You welcome unexplained moments: When someone with energy walks into a room, you can sense it. You might also feel some sensation whenever you hold a quartz crystal. If you recognize these as gifts that need to be explored and not feared, you are ready.

3. You have trust in something greater: Reiki is about universally guided energy. It means having faith in the process even when it is not visible.

4. You are ready for change: This is something that lasts a lifetime. With Reiki, things that you never imagined may begin to show and new opportunities will begin to come.

Before practicing energy healing, it is important that you listen to your intuition. You will always know when it is right for you to begin.

Reiki is not taught the same way other healing techniques are. It is transferred from a master to a student during the attunement process. The attunement process is a powerful spiritual experience which adjusts, depending on the needs of the student. At this point, you may see visions, messages, past life experiences, and healing. Reiki does not wear off, meaning you would not lose the abilities to generate reiki  for the rest of your life.

Christopher D. Myles