Understanding Karuna Reiki Attunement Process

Understanding Karuna Reiki Attunement Process

Karuna Reiki is different from Usui Reiki. It is developed by different Ascetics and Saints and the Karuna Reiki attunements is different, containing a more powerful and vibrant energy than the traditional Reiki. 

What is Karuna Reiki?

This is a non-traditional form of Reiki that encompasses compassionate action. It is very powerful by itself but can be more vibrant when combined with Usui Reiki. Of all non-traditional Reiki forms, Karuna is considered the oldest. It is a special form of healing encompassing of sound, specifically toning and chanting.  Karuna masters find it highly effective and powerful. This is perhaps because its flow of energy has a more definite feeling, working on the spiritual, emotional, and physical levels. When used correctly, it provides a much more conducive environment and can help you to become more grounded. In practice, difficult goals are more achievable using its powerful symbols.

What is the Philosophy of Karuna Reiki?

The word Karuna is Sanskrit, mostly used in Buddhism, Zen, and Hinduism. It can be translated to mean actions taken to diminish other people’s suffering to also mean compassion. Individuals and Reiki Master who have experienced Karuna Reiki report a feeling of oneness in the universe. This makes it easy to extend compassionate actions without distinction.

Because of the feeling of oneness, Karuna considers it a logical thing to be compassionate and not simply out of love. After experiencing Karuna power, you will realize that your own wounds are healed and you’d want to extend that healing to others. The compassion in you spurs you to want to heal other’s wounds too. Once you develop Karuna power, you not only help others to heal but also become more receptive to it. It allows you to work closer with enlightened beings, physically and spiritually. Read here to find out more information about the benefits of Reiki therapy

man feeling attuned to himself and the nature

Karuna and Higher Compassion

The motivating element of all enlightened beings is Karuna. It is believed that enlightened beings once lived on earth and are familiar with the earthly difficulties faced by humans. Due to the compassion present in Karuna Reiki, they are always ready to offer help by continuously sending high amounts of healing energy and guided meditation to everyone. However, not all are receptive to it. This is why working with Reiki enables you to be more receptive to the energy of compassion and guidance. As a Karuna practitioner or Reiki master, you will have better access to this energy through the help of symbols such as Gnosa, Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen, among others.

What is the Origin of Karuna Reiki?

The Karuna Reiki system was developed by William L. Rand and channeled by Pat Courtney, Marcy Miller, Catherine Mills Bellamound, Maria Abraham, and Mellie-Ray Marine. William used the symbols and found them to be highly valuable. He then meditated on them and was guided to develop the Karuna Reiki attunements processes. Sir William named these symbols the “new system Karuna Reiki.”

Karuna Reiki has a more profound grounding effect than Usui Reiki. Symbols, such as Rama for instance, specifically align the lower chakras. However, understand that Karuna is not an alternative as Karuna Reiki must be accompanied by the traditional Reiki, meaning to say if you want to be a registered Karuna Reiki Master, you have to learn the traditional Reiki first. Click here to learn about Usui Reiki symbols

Karuna Reiki Symbols

Karuna Reiki presents 8 symbols with certain energy frequencies. Each of them holds a specific energy for a unique condition, meaning the effects can be used to bring healing where needed. Here are the symbols:


This is a powerful symbol that goes beyond time. Before being discovered in Karuna, it was one of the most powerful symbols in yoga. Even without the attunement processes in Reiki, it can still be used. The subtle sounds of Om and AUM, and can stand for the following:

  • A for a conscious waking state
  • U for a subtle unconscious dream state
  • M for subconscious deep sleep state

This symbol is also used to seal, purify, and stabilize the Aura, create a pathway to God and consciousness, and to activate the Third Eye Chakra.


This stands for healing past lives and inner issues. Because it helps in the initial phases of deep cellular healing, it is one of the most powerful symbols in Karuna Reiki. It boosts distance healing, heals past trauma, breaks the chain of addiction, heals relationship issues, and releases the feelings of unworthiness.


This symbol amplifies Zonar because it carries an added pyramid. It is used as a master symbol and can restore balance mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally for deeper healing.

Bowl of Reiki Stones


It is used for emotional and physical issues, making it one of the most important symbols in Karuna. It is used to eliminate fears, heal broken relationships, protect individuals from psychic attacks, get rid of suicidal tendencies, and sustain positive changes.


This symbol represents the bonding of the female and male energy. It is a symbol of happiness and helps to balance the 6 chakras. It is also used to improve relationships, manifest materialistic goals, and heal lack of confidence.


This symbol clears the mind of negativity and connects the connection with the higher self. It brings the conscious and the subconscious mind together by opening the chakras and heightening the levels of awareness.


This symbol is specifically used for physical manifestation to heal the human race. It is a clockwise symbol that contains feminine energy. It manifests an individual’s desires helping them to get their priorities right. It is also an excellent grounding symbol.


This symbol helps you to realize that you create your future and history. It is a powerful symbol that can help you to follow your path, bring your ego down, teach you to be responsible for your happiness and emotions, and connect you deeper with the Mother Nature.


This symbolizes peace. It can help you to release all your fears and insecurities. It brings calmness, balances chakras, and cures insomnia and fatigue.

Karuna Reiki is a special healing process that facilitates the healing of allergies, chemotherapy, anxiety, karmic issues, physical injuries/emergencies, chakra balancing, addictive behavior, and facilitates spiritual growth. The vibration of the voice used in Karuna Reiki is the physical carrier wave for energy to travel. This is what causes the healing powers to penetrate the cells and the tissues of the body deeper. People who have experienced Karuna power report a feeling of being more alive and completely healed.

Christopher D. Myles